Dr Barnabas Calder is Senior Lecturer in Architecture at the University of Liverpool. He is a historian specialising in architecture since 1945, and the history of architecture and energy.

He has lived in one of the buildings in his book Raw Concrete: the Beauty of Brutalism, worked in another, and would love to have the opportunity to live and work in most of the rest.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. What a beautifully written and thought provoking volume. I grew up in 1960s Birmingham, surrounded by concrete. How pleasing to read a challenging and well informed perspective.


    1. Thank you so much – I’m thrilled to hear you enjoyed it. Birmingham was indeed one of the great post-war cities, but now much has gone or is going. The demolition of the Madin library was undoubtedly a mistake that will be lastingly regretted.


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